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It doesn’t matter if you have a blog, operate a business in the real world, or run it solely online – the fact is that every type of business can benefit from having an email list.

you beaut whiz bang toaster


Not convinced. Imagine you’ve sold a million toasters, but you have no idea who you sold them to. Then you hear about this new beaut whiz-bang toaster coming on to the market that you just have to tell everyone about because it is the bomb and revolutionizes the world of toast lovers everywhere.

But wait, who do you tell? That’s right, nobody; because you don’t have a list ya dummy.

Without a list, your only option is to run an expensive, highly untargeted campaign.

Now, consider the savvy business person who captured the email address of every single customer who ever bought a toaster- all 1 million of them.

They know who their customers are, and they know they love toast so there’s a good chance that a large percentage of those customers are going to want to know absaving money with email marketingout this fantastic new model that promises to revolutionize the world of toast.

Click send. BOOM! Watch the sales come in.

And the best part of it – it didn’t cost her (or him) a cent, other than the measly subscription fee to their email marketing platform of choice.

Email lists don’t just work for toasters, they can work for anything. Let’s say you own a car service center. Cars need regular servicing, right?

So, do you think you could improve your level of service (and your bottom line) by sending a gentle reminder to a customer when their next service is due, and offer them a free oil change if they come to you rather than that other guy down the road – because your mechanics are better than theirs anyway?

cartoon car green


Are you starting to get the picture? Okay, one more example just to drive it home. Let’s say you are an affiliate marketer. You’re doing quite well with recommending products through your website but have so far neglected to build a list.

One morning you wake to a rather nasty email. The company you are affiliated with is giving you notice that the product is no longer available, or they just don’t like affiliates anymore and are kicking you to the curb.

There are plenty of other events that could easily destroy your income stream. You could lose the top spot because a competitor decides to SEO the crap out of their site to bump you, or Google could decide to take you out on a whim (of the search engine index that is).

It happens. Every day of every week. The point is your income can take a mighty dive, and you’re left rattling a cup on the corner. Okay, that’s a bit extreme but you get the picture.

Without an email list, you must start again. With an email list, it’s a simple matter to find a similar affiliate campaign and carry on with business as usual.

Every member of an email list is a vote of confidence for you or your business. If someone joins your list, there’s a good chance they are interested in what you are offering. These are the types of customers’ marketers love as it’s all soft sell from here on.

The best part of an email list is that you can develop a relationship with your customers over time with relevant valuable information about stuff they are interested in.

When it comes time to make a sale, send out your offer. They may buy or they may not – but as they are already interested there’s a good chance that a nice percentage of your list will whip out their credit cards.

After all, they know you, they like you, and they think you’re an all-round good sort. If they don’t buy at least you still have the relationship going and they may take you up on your next offer.

And don’t think that social media followers are any substitute for a good email list. Facebook, or whoever can take those away from you for any obscure reason they feel like and anytime they like.

Plus, with all the adjustments these sites make to their algorithm daily who can tell how many customers your posts are going to reach. Not me that’s for sure.

It’s a no-brainer, email marketing is the easiest form of marketing there is, so start building your list today.

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