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do automatic content curators save you time

One of the most daunting tasks for an affiliate marketer, especially ones who are new to the game, is to produce content. Writing content isn’t easy.

It’s not super hard and can be learned, but it does take practice and discipline and in this new age of social media it’s an ongoing commitment that promises a daily grind, rather than the liberation from ‘work’ a lot of affiliate marketers get into online marketing for.

It’s no surprise then that many choose to take shortcuts. It’s also no surprise that there are plenty of operators flooding the Internet Marketing realm with software that promises to relieve affiliates from the tedium of creating content by giving them the means to do it ‘in just a few clicks.’


Content Curation Can Be Done Well

Content curation is by no means a bad thing when it’s done right, but when you are simply grabbing content from all over the web and throwing it up on a web page with very little rhyme or reason you are only going to end up hurting your business.

Don’t use content creation as a shortcut to populating your website or blog. Instead, use it as an extension of your voice, add to it, or use it to reinforce the message you are trying to convey. And always give credit where credit is due.

In just about every scenario automating content creation is detrimental to a long-term business plan, as there is really no shortcut to producing good quality content that can survive the inevitable Google manual review. Plus crappy content won’t bring visitors flooding to your site, no matter what the sales page says.

Spinning Text Always Turns out Crap

Spinning another person’s work is also a pretty shitty thing to do. It’s wrong for all sorts of reasons, but just because you’ve swapped a few words around you are still stealing that author’s work and probably in breach of copyright.

Automated spinners usually produce garbage text anyway, and any self-respecting blogger wouldn’t want it anywhere near their site. It won’t just turn your visitors away, but if Google manages to have a peek at your site it’s a surefire way to have it struck permanently from the search results and labeled as spam. That’s money down the drain in anybody’s book.

Take a look at this content produced by the spinning component of a newly released content software add-on plugin for WordPress. This is from their sales page and a classic example of the rubbish that an automatic spinner will produce.

You Need Content, But It’s Gotta Be Good Content

Curation products on the web, especially those which work as a plugin for WordPress, are marketed with the hype that content is the key to getting traffic (true, but only a small part of the story), and that content is hard to create. Many also go to great pains to point out that writing is difficult, time-consuming, and that paying someone else to do it gets really expensive really fast.

Unfortunately, this is also true to a degree but you have to step back and take a look at the big picture and consider your long-term goals before you can put a real cost on content creation. If you are in it for the long haul then it is critical you have great content that your visitors will find valuable.

I’ve seen a lot of content curation software products over my time as both an affiliate marketer, and as a content creator. As a means to get a web page up quickly most of them work fine, but if you want compelling content you are still going to have to do the work and it’s for this reason that most content curators really won’t save you much time at all… if any.

In fact, if you use them the way they are marketed, as in you won’t have to produce any of your own content at all, and spinning the text to make it ‘unique’, then you’ll attract very few visitors to your websites, and the one’s that do show up won’t stay for long. You can be sure they’ll hit that back button quicker than hot poo out of a goose’s bum if we’re being brutally honest about it.

Use other people’s content responsibly, and not as a means to a quick buck. Don’t believe the hype on the sales page, it’s a false promise and an approach that just doesn’t work in the long term.

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