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profile pic the writer contentHi there! I’m Leigh from Australia. I’ve been creating online content for websites since 2009. During this time I have also been involved with affiliate marketing, website design, social media marketing, and rewriting PLR content for clients to make it unique.

A Little About Me

For years I floated about from job to job, usually managing to get promoted to a supervisory role before moving on to the next J.O.B. that came along. My last ‘real’ job was as head of sales staff in a small, but very busy electronics store. A few of life’s big events happened during my time there. I got married, enrolled in a computer programming course, and had a few kids.

Jodie, my wife, is much more career-focused than I am and her highfalutin career in law eventually made it the more sensible choice for me to stay at home as the primary caregiver for our children while I finished my computer studies.

A few years – and 10’s of thousands of dollars later – I finally admitted to myself that I was rather crap at programming computers. I managed to get okay grades, I just didn’t have the knack for it – or the love; so I found myself sitting at home wondering what else I could do to earn a crust while being a stay at home dad.

Online Career #1

I imagine this is the point where most people turn to Google and type in one of the myriad searches related to making money online. Yep, that’s exactly what I did. I scoured the web for any and every idea that would help me make money at home. Finally, I landed on an idea I thought I could pull off with some amount of success – an eBay business.

It didn’t take me long to realize that this was a tough nut to crack but with my head down and bum up I learned a lot and even made a few bucks. At least until two of my suppliers decided they were better off selling their own stuff on eBay and went into competition with me, their faithful reseller.

Online Career #2 – Affiliate Marketing

Undeterred, I shifted my focus to building a retail empire by carving out a little piece of the Internet all my very own and built a website. This was a complete and utter flop as back then I knew absolutely nothing about how to get traffic to a new site.

More research and learning later led me to the discovery of affiliate marketing… and another lightbulb lit up in the ‘ol brainbox. The next couple of years saw me spending my time alternating between building websites, changing nappies (aussie for diapers), general home dad stuff, and writing… lots and lots of writing.

You’ve probably seen plenty of online push button systems that promise untold riches. These ads are solely targeted at the new internet marketer who doesn’t know any better. I’m here to tell you that affiliate marketing is a tough business that requires dedication… and did I mention lots of writing.

Plus, you are also at the mercy of the search engines if you don’t take steps to find other sources of traffic – which leads me to what happened next.

A few Google updates later and my website traffic is decimated down to a mere trickle of what it was before. Pages which had enjoyed a number one spot for years were now relegated to the backwaters of search engine land – that is if they still had any ranking power at all.

A comeback was definitely possible, but I felt like there was a war on against affiliate marketers and I was but one casualty among millions, but it wasn’t all bad news. If you fail but learn something, then you haven’t really failed.

During my time as an affiliate marketer, I found that I quite enjoyed not just the site creation process, but also the keyword research, and the writing – especially the writing. This gave me an idea for my next online venture…

Online Career #3 – Content Creation

At the time my websites were being shot down in flames Fiverr was starting to gain traction. So I bought a book which taught Fiverr strategies and then fired up a couple of writing gigs. It didn’t take long for the orders to start rolling in and I was once again making money in an online business.

So, that’s what I ‘ve been doing for the last few years; creating great content for clients who either can’t do it themselves or simply don’t have time.

What is The Writer Content All About?

In a nutshell, it’s about creating engaging online content at an affordable price. Whether you’ve recently bought PLR and need it rewritten into something unique, or you just need engaging original content for your website/s, then The Writer Content is the place where you can get it without breaking the bank.

I’ve written on a diverse range of subjects including cats and dogs, health and fitness, internet marketing, SEO, articles for the services industries (plumbing, electrical, etc.), and even a few on travel.

As the previous owner of a number of niche affiliate sites, I have developed a deep understanding of what a site needs to attract and keep visitors engaged. This means you will get quality content that reads well and is full of helpful information.

I want The Writer Content to be your go-to place for quality content and as such, I am open to all suggestions, feedback, and comments, so please don’t hesitate to use the contact page to get in touch.

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