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The whole point of adopting an inbound marketing strategy is to make it easy for your target market to find you. However, before that can happen you need to have systems in place to ensure you are an active force in the marketplace every day.

7 ways to grow your audience and increase your bottom line

If you’ve been spinning your wheels of late and need to gain some traction adopt the following strategies to get you back into the fast lane:

Create and Stick to a Blogging Schedule

Without fresh new content, a blog’s traffic stream can dry up fast. Set a schedule where you are posting 2 or 3 times a week, preferably more.

When you have material on your blog you have your own stuff to share on the social media channels, rather than constantly reposting what other people have posted just so you remain active.

It’s good to share other peoples’ content regularly, but ignoring your own business because you have been a little slack with the content creation will end up hurting your bottom line.

Depending on what social channel you are on it also won’t hurt to publish your links more than once as well.

Twitter has such a fast-moving news stream most people won’t notice an article showing up 3 or 4 times, and it’s a great way to ensure you are achieving maximum exposure.

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Brush up on Your SEO Skills

SEO skills aren’t all black hat. Rather than spamming the internet with links to your site (just don’t) there are plenty of ‘Google friendly’ strategies you can use to get your site some more air time in the search engine results pages.

Go through each post and make sure the relevant keywords are mentioned at least a few times. If you have been overzealous with the keywords it might help the post if you take out a few out as well.

Check that your titles are SEO optimized, and make sure your site is running efficiently. The search engines love a fast website because it improves the user experience.

Google also love a site that is secure so get it on SSL as soon as possible. Plenty of bloggers have reported nothing but good results once they did this.

Optimize your pictures. Use keywords to name your pictures, fill the alt tag with related keywords, and put in a keyword rich description. Don’t use the same keywords every time but mix it up with related terms. WordPress makes this easy so use it to your advantage if that’s your platform of choice.

Keep Growing Your Social Media Audience

Fresh new content is what the people love so give them what they want. Nobody likes a stale old news channel so keep updating your social media with the latest industry buzz.

Get engaged with your audience. Ask questions and invite conversation at every opportunity. Inbound marketing isn’t just about attracting new leads, it’s also about building relationships once they are in your sales funnel.

Encourage Your Audience to Share

As you attract new followers encourage your audience to share every piece of content you produce. If it’s great content (and you should make sure it is), then most will happily share everywhere they are active.

Always have prominent share buttons on every article, video, or presentation and back it up with a highly visible call to action.

Get Interviewed

Look for blogs, video channels, and podcasts related to your niche and let the operators know that you are available for an interview. Of course, you will need to be an established authority figure already for this strategy to work, but if you’ve been doing everything right then that’s exactly what you will be.

This is an excellent way to increase your exposure as you are leveraging the user base of whoever is doing the interview, and quite a few have huge followings who will listen in on every episode. Well worth it if you can pull this one off.

Start Your Own Podcast or Video Channel

Personally, I like to read my articles and usually click off a video unless it’s a tutorial to help me with a piece of software, but that’s just me as apparently video is huge. It’s a huge segment of the market which shouldn’t be ignored so consider starting your own podcast or regular video segment.

With today’s’ technological achievements in audio and video equipment, getting a quality production out there is easier than ever. This strategy takes a little more effort than pounding on a keyboard but the payoff can be excellent.

I thought this video was funny and just had to share.

Add Your Own Bonuses as Incentives

Take some of your better performing reports and offer them as bonuses to other marketers in your niche. Links to your blog and social media channels will need to remain prominent and intact as otherwise the readers or viewers won’t be able to follow you, and the whole effort will be for naught.

If you practice growing your audience daily, your bottom line will follow suit so keep at it.

7 ways to grow your audience and improve your bottom line

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