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If you plan on adding email to your digital marketing strategy then you are eventually going to need a landing page.

Simply put, a landing page is a one-page website built with a singular purpose in mind. They are often used to sell a product directly online, but to realize the true potential of a landing page the focus should be on capturing new leads or adding new subscribers to your mailing list. Landing pages that are designed specifically for this purpose are often referred to as ‘squeeze pages.’

This article will focus on the best tools in the marketplace designed to streamline the creation of a landing page specially tailored towards capturing new emails.

A squeeze page is a powerful tool for growing your business because all of your attention – as well as the attention of your visitors – is focused on the opt-in form. Your copy concentrates on informing your readers about how awesome your subscription service and give them a reason to click that ‘Subscribe Now’ button.

The good news is that building a landing page isn’t all that difficult, even if you have very little experience. The process is even less painful for a squeeze page as a short passage of text, followed by an opt-in form, is enough to get the job done.

It’s conceivable you could cobble a landing page together using nothing more than Notepad and a little HTML, but for best results, you can turn to a tool that is designed to help you create a landing page that will grow your list faster.

Have a look at some of the landing page generator software options below to find out how they can help you create a squeeze page which will send a flood of new subscribers to your list in record time.


OptimizePress integrates directly with WordPress as a plugin and is simple to get to grips with. The interface has been designed so that even complete beginners can quickly publish a static landing page they can be proud of.

As the name suggests, pages built with OptimizePress are highly optimized for capturing leads. What this means is that the themes available for you to base your designs on have been tested in the marketplace and refined to the point that they are extremely efficient at enticing readers to hand over their email addresses.

In theory, just by installing OptimizePress, you should be able to drastically ramp up your subscription rate, and thereby increase ROI for any sales emails you send out – or any other type of marketing you happen to be into for that matter.

Most people love OptimizePress for its clean and simple pages which make everything look truly professional. Looking legit is important if you want to impress your visitors into signing up, as a professional appearance helps to instill trust. After all – you are asking your readers to trust you with their email address – which is quite a large ask for most people.

The problem most people face when tasked with generating lead pages is that they have no experience with HTML, or any website building software. This often leads to badly designed pages loaded with grainy pictures. You can imagine how hard it will be to endear yourself to your readers if this is the best you can present your business. OptimizePress is a landing page service which eliminates this problem by making it easy for anyone to create a service landing page that looks like it was designed by a professional site developer.

OptimizePress is an extremely versatile landing page generator. Not only can you create sales pages with ease, but you can also craft beautiful landing pages. Landing pages are different to squeeze pages, as landing pages are where you will direct your subscribers to through the emails you send out.

While OptimizePress is a fantastic option that does its job well it is quite pricey for the individual just starting out. At $97 for the most basic package, many beginners will find they may have to look elsewhere to grow a new list. However, if you already have a marginally profitable list and are looking for ways to increase your bottom line then OptimizePress may be just the service you are looking for.


Unlike OptimizePress, which spreads its focus between lead and sales pages, LeadPages tightly focuses its service on building an email list.

You get a comprehensive set of tools built with the singular purpose of attracting signups. For instance, there is an option to create welcome gates to integrate with your Facebook account. You will also have the ability to do split testing and receive analytics data on which pages are working the hardest for your campaigns.

The ability to build multiple landing pages and have them served up at different times is also a feature that can help you streamline the process even further.

LeadPages creates beautiful landing pages that are attractive and look professional. Unlike the ‘pillar box’ design of OptimizePress, you have much more flexibility and creative freedom with how the end product looks.

For instance, you can create pages with timers displaying deadlines for price increases to create urgency or options for free ebooks and courses. LeadPages also makes it easy to embed videos into prominent positions on the page.

A major difference with LeadPages from other landing page services is that it is a hosted service, as the pages you create are not actually hosted on your domain. There are some downsides as well as upsides to this solution. One downside is that you may need to direct a visitor to another page if you want them to visit your site directly, which risks breaking the engagement with your brand.

However, an upside is that you can get started without actually owning any web properties yourself – potentially saving you the cost of designing and hosting a more complicated website. You also don’t have to worry too much about overloading a site with too much traffic, which is great if you intend on sending gobs of traffic to your page.

Price is a little more lenient, as a basic membership will set you back $25 per month. A significant reduction compared to OptimizePress for first timers, but the more advanced packages can go all the way up to $199.00, which is a significant monthly fee for most small businesses.

Thrive Themes

Thrive is perhaps the most versatile package of the three we are examining, with a wide range of tools available. These tools will help with tasks like creating landing pages, managing leads, creating more engaging email content, optimizing headlines, to name just a few.

So, Thrive is not only a competent landing page generator, it can also help with the rest of the marketing funnel as well. For the creatively challenged there are 161 templates on offer which you can modify to suit your brand.

They all designed around certain features such as showing countdown timers to create a sense of urgency or promoting an eBook.

Thrive is a self-hosted service which works via a WordPress plugin. This means it’s not available to those who either don’t have a website or used something other than WordPress to build their online presence.

Thrive themes are all mobile responsive; an increasingly important trait for the modern website to ensure maximum market penetration. They look fantastic with professional, high quality, attention grabbing images.

What does all this awesomeness cost you? Surprisingly Thrive is the cheapest of the three and starts at $19 per month. It’s tier based pricing is also the cheapest as it maxes out at $49 for all features.

Do You Really Need a Landing Page Tool?

With all of these monthly fees being mentioned, you’re probably wondering right now if you even need a landing page tool.

The answer is no… but it’s not quite as simple as that.

If you check out Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Blog (you’ll notice that his landing page ( is perhaps one of the simplest you’ll ever come across. it’s basically nothing more than a simple WordPress page with a 7 point bulleted list laying out 7 reasons you should subscribe.

There were no tools involved in its construction (other than
WordPress of course) so there is nothing stopping you from doing the same thing. However, the reason this page works so well is that most people landing on that page already know about Tim Ferris. There’s a lot of weight behind the branding.

Unfortunately, the rest of us are going to need something a bit more compelling than a simple list of bullet points to convince people we have something worthwhile to offer. With any one the above three services – all of which are considered some of the best landing page service solutions around – you will benefit from large crisp images, eye-catching animations, and clever layouts that look like they belong to a reputable business.

Your audience is going to be instantly impressed and much more inclined to sign-up. If you have the traffic but not the conversions then a landing page may be able to shift your sign-up rate in the right direction.

Sure, you have to make a financial commitment and pay monthly but if you are increasing your ROI it’s a cost your business can certainly live with. The good thing is that you can begin without these features, and then start reinvesting some of the profit to increase your return via a much-improved landing page.

A factor you also have to take into account is that once your business starts gaining some momentum you could be saving quite a bit of time using a landing page builder optimized for the task, rather than starting one from scratch each time.

Plus, the analytics tools on some of the above solutions are worth the price of admission as well, as they give you feedback on the tweaks and modifications you make. And if the price all gets a bit much or you don’t see any improvements there is also the option to unsubscribe.

A Few Other Useful Tools To Think About

Tools for growing your email list don’t stop at landing page creators.

For example, Optimizely is an awesome split tester that enables you to split your landing page into two slightly different versions, such as one being red and another green.

Optimizely tracks conversions of the two and reports back on their results. Over a period of time, your analytics will show which color is performing the best. You can then change the green one to your primary, make slight changes to it to create a new page, and then send it out to test two versions again.

Over time you can improve your conversion rates significantly until you have the perfectly optimized sales funnel with subscriber rates busting off the charts.

If you are new to web design a landing page generator is the perfect service for building quality squeeze pages to increase visitor confidence and inspire them to sign up to your email list. These landing page services have everything you need for building a larger email list.Another great tool you can use is called the Lightbox. This is a ‘pop-over’ which appears on your page and makes the rest of the content go dark – presenting your offer front-and-center to the visitor.

These are all options you can use on more than just landing pages, as they can be used anywhere on a site to draw attention to special features, free downloads, reduced price offers, or even as a redirect to your landing page.

The truth of the matter is, if you get your landing page right it will mean that your mailing list opt-in, with the many benefits a subscription will bring, is impossible to ignore.

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